• Step 1Drop AW21-22 Native Collection NFTs!

    We will transform AW21-22 Native Collection bag and pet item series, which are used all over the world, into 3D NFT. It's so unique, it's so you! Only 1 NFT will be created from each bag model. There will be a total of 11 NFTs and no new NFTs will be created until SS22-23 Collection period. We will present the real bag model they bought with a special package to the collectors who bought NFT from this collection. Let's make us to witness your journey!
    Public Launch: 02.22.2022
    Platform: SuperRare
  • Step 2BONAVERSE Step 1

    What we believe is "pure artisanship". Digital future was inspiring us to convert artisan effort into digital platforms. We decided to bring Bonaverse to life as a Metaverse project! Bonaverse will be a virtual marketplace exclusively for the fashion and art industry. We will enable designers and artists to convert the product or the art they produce in real life into NFT and sell them in Metaverse. In the next stage, designers and artists who make individual designs and arts, collectors who buy NFT on this platform will be able to sell NFTs in the marketplace. Developments will begin in the Q1 period of 2022. WhitePaper will be published on our website very soon...
    Bonaverse Web Site :
  • Step 3Drop SS22 Duality Collection NFTs!

    On the launch day of the new models we produce for the SS22 Collection, we will simultaneously release the NFT of each model. As in the previous launch, only 1 NFT of each model will be produced and offered for auction. Specially packaged gifts will be sent to the collectors who win the auction.
    Duality NFTs Whitelist : 23.03.2022
    Duality NFTs Auction : 30.03.2022
  • Step 4BONAVERSE Step 2

    We will open corporate applications and allow international applications for the brands that want to be in the Bonaverse marketplace. We will indicate on the application page how many vacancies there will be in total. Applications will continue for 4 months. We will positively evaluate the application requests that meet the criteria we have determined and we will take them into the Bonaverse universe. We will release the first closed beta of Bonaverse at the end of Q3 2022 once applications are complete.
  • Step 5All in one!

    We will make the first official launch of Bonaverse and present it to the world (Release Candidate). After this launch, anyone who wishes will be able to purchase NFTs of the products of the elite brands from Bonaverse. The NFT series of Bonabag's AW22-23 Collection will also be available in the Bonaverse. We will open applications for individual designers and artists towards the end of Q4 2022. At the same time, those who own Bonabag NFTs or collect NFTs of different fashion companies in Bonaverse will have the direct right to sell in the Bonaverse.