Introducing the AW21-22 Native Collection! There are thousands of people and pets using these designs around the world. Each design has a different source of inspiration and uniqueness. Artistic approach becomes reality in master hands! AW21-22 Native Collection will include NFTs of 3D models as 10 iconic designs carefully selected from dozens of BONABAG goods. NFTs will start at 10 Ethereum. Each design will have only one NFT in the world! What other option could there be for a brand aiming for originality? And to the collectors who own their unique NFTs, we will present the physical product of the design they bought. 2 NFTs will be minted each week.
Public Launch will be on 02.22.2022 on SuperRare.

BONAPET NFTs / AW21-22 Native Collection | For your loved ones! #WeAreOne

BONABAG NFTs / AW21-22 Native Collection | To witness your journey! #UniqueJourney