Say hello to BonaNFT.

BONABAG has decided to invest a breakthrough industry. We are excited to be one of the first luxury brands to work on Metaverse. The goal behind that motivation is to develop a platform that brings the dynamics of the world's fashion industry, fashion brands and all fashion goods to the digital platform and combines them with super-realistic 3D NFTs.

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    Social Responsibility

    BONABAG has grown into an international community of eco-conscious audiences across the world. And now we are excited to be one of the pioneers to invest in the future of digital fashion through our 3D NFT collection. Where 10% of the total sales will be donated to Fashion Revolution that supports clean fashion & sustainable production & fair working conditions. Since we appreciate Fashion Revolution contribution to a better future for both people & the planet, we decided cooperate with them in our 3D NFT project. That's why we will donate 10% of each NFT you purchase on your behalf.