March 1, 2022

Game and Fun in Metaverse and NFT

Metaverse actually refers to the real world we live in right now, created in a new way in the digital environment. Users are free to do a wide variety of things in this world, just as many companies around the world do. Metaverse can be handled in many different branches, one of which is the fashion that has started to become very popular lately and that has entered late but quickly adapts and shapes Metaverse.
March 1, 2022

A View of Retail and Marketing in Metaverse

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to artificial universe is Metaverse, but this platform has started to become the main headquarters of most of the corporate companies, not only that you are from a different world. Fashion has a big place in the Metaverse universe, but if there is one thing to know, it is how fashion is introduced. In the universe of Metaverse, fashion is in different ways; it exists in various forms such as lifestyle, design/art, gaming/entertainment, and retail, but most corporations aim to market fashion to Metaverse under the name of retail.
February 18, 2022

A Transition From Conventional To Contemporary

The word “conventional” was already been replaced when the Internet was launched and started to be used by millions of people. The word contemporary was not widely known or used by the ones who were trying to follow new trends. In our present time, there is an innovation trying to change the way of life that humans adapted million years ago, but it is not just limited to human life. The fashion industry is beyond one touch of the human finger, and Metaverse enables us to create and live our own lives on a digital platform.
February 18, 2022

NFT and Fashion in the Future

NFTs have been a hot topic lately, and some of their biggest proponents claim that fashionable NFTs represent the next evolutionary step, whether they be digitally fashionable avatar skins or collectible wardrobe items that can be used in games and multiple Metaverses. Fashion NFTs seems to be a very successful marketing tool for brands, but they are also a way for aspiring digital artists to utilize and showcase their skills and often collaborate with larger brands
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